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Our Beers


Our core beer styles will be available year round, while keeping selection fresh with our rotating taps & seasonal releases.

Blonde Ale

Light body, clean & clear with a crisp carbonation for easy drinking.

4.9% ABV | 9 IBUs

Pale Ale

Medium body with a clear appearance. Balanced malt and hop flavour. Finishes with a medium bitterness.

5.3% ABV | 20 IBUs

Red Ale

Medium body, Malt forward with distinct biscuitty & bready flavours.

5.0% ABV | 13 IBUs

Hefeweizen (Heff)

Light body, hazy & refreshing with a crisp carbonation. Notes of clove & banana come from esters produced during fermentation.

5.0% ABV | 9 IBUs

West Coast IPA

Medium body, citrus & pine flavour notes from the hops, finishes with a smooth bitterness.

6.3% ABV | 49 IBUs


Light body with fruity notes from the Belgian yeast esters, finishes dry with a light smooth bitterness.

5.3% ABV | 20 IBUs

Hazy Pale

Medium body with a hazy appearance, juicy & citrusy hop forward flavour with a mild bitterness

5.4% ABV | 18 IBUs


Medium body, with a hazy appearance. Citrusy hop flavour notes blended with a sour kick.

5.7% ABV | 10 IBUs